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 God exists does it? ..

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Israël Zorobabel

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Date d'inscription : 30/09/2005

MessageSujet: God exists does it? ..   Dim 5 Oct - 12:16

God exists does it? ..

Here's a great subject, which I would like to give you some explanations, another way of seeing the subject, understand ..

The first thing you must understand is that this story of God intervenes to save your soul .. We use God to save our souls .. Also there is no reason to have God an aversion ..

Many people believe in twisted, once dead, everything stops, but in reality, we will not die .. Our flesh is destroyed, return to dust, but our souls are immortal .. We are not carnal beings, we are spiritual beings, for a time in the flesh. This new understanding of our condition, must carry you thinking, for now, that changes everything ..

If after death, everything stops, then live fully without worrying about anything, and tomorrow we die, and we do not talk more ..

By cons, if you do not die, then we must look to understand, to know which way to go, how to behave, for a hundred years we live in the flesh, then we live forever in the spiritual .. Also, we need to apply to take us into our spiritual nature .. And that is why we are in the flesh, to take us into the spiritual ..

There are two ways to enter this spiritual nature, a path that leads you to hell, and a path that leads you to heaven. One of these two places, heaven or hell, will your home .. It is for this reason that we must apply ourselves to make every effort to be the best place .. Knowing that in heaven we will experience the delights eternal, when in hell, we will be eternal suffering ..

Just as now, in the flesh, we have those same homes, the same masters that we follow, God and the devil .. or .., good and bad .. We should not be afraid of words, as they are to image something .. We have given names to all things, so do not be afraid to use them ..

We hear: but if God existed, there would not all these horrors (war, rape, theft, lies, betrayal, immorality, selfishness, etc. ..) ..

But in fact, we choose our master, too, if I choose the devil as a teacher, as I have and I will practice all these horrors .. It is the seed that I chose ..

By cons, if I choose God as the master, so I will practice in other ways: love, sharing, respect, piety, truth, justice, etc. ..

When we look around us, we see a perfect nature, precise, orderly, beautiful .. But who could have created this beautiful nature, a world so perfect? .. It can not be us, humans, because right now, we know only destroy ..
Everyone agrees that there is something else, more powerful, without being able to define a different world in space, etc. ..
Of course there are other worlds than ours, but they are not of the same nature .. The worlds pass without anyone realizes. A world or worlds around us, without which we can perceive or see or understand ..
Humans are limited in the flesh.
Pagans do not understand their nature, path, what they really are, where they go, etc. .. because this knowledge comes from God only ..
God gives to those who belong to Him, intelligence to understand all things (our true nature) ..

When we look around us, we see that everywhere, man kneels to beg God without knowing Him .. We have therefore included this unexplained power, spiritual .. And human make statues, he imagines God in all its forms, everything goes, the sun, moon, stars, animals, etc. .. Human seeks to represent God to worship, when in fact, we have to worship Him in the mind and spirit .. It's what God wants ..

God saw this, He is made ​​known, so that instead of worshiping statues incapable of anything, we better love God, He the true God, the Creator of all things and all life .. not your statue..
And the story begins with the Torah, followed by the Bible .. This book is written under the inspiration of God, to enlighten us, to make us understand what we must do to get out of this black hole of our misunderstanding , to overcome death, legacy of our sin .. the Bible is written so that you may live, that you may save your soul, it tells us everything about our condition, carnal and spiritual, it tells us what we must do.
God is spirit, and a spirit world around us .. I give you a specific example ..

Imagine that we are in the market, and you lose your money without you knowing it. Two minds then manisfestent ..
One will say, give him back his money because it is not yours .. This event comes from God, it is good .. The right thing to do ..
One will say, keep it, for thou hast great need, your child is sick, etc. .. This event comes from evil, the devil .. because in fact you steal that money, it is not yours, and you know the owner, he is in front of you ..

What you must understand is that the way you borrow today, the master you choose to follow, will lead you to your place, so to be a good place, God, heaven, or so to a bad place, the devil, hell ..

But you have to understand again, you will not save your soul by doing good works just because we are not saved by our good works, but we are saved by Jesus Christ, and more by our good works .. It is the plan of God, He made ​​this decision .. God created Jesus to save our souls .. God could have chosen another person, or another way to save us, but He chose this way .. Jesus Christ, the one who saves our souls ..
You could understand benefit by reading what I write in my teachings, how to grove, how to do .. This subject is about the authenticity of God ..

Good meditation .. be in peace ..
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God exists does it? ..
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